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Phoenix Wright 3 and Apollo Justice keychain pre-order freebies

February 27, 2008 By: Judy Category: Reviews, Video Games


Generally, I don’t buy games at retail on release day, but the cheapie freebies that Capcom has been giving out with their games have compelled me to do so a couple times. I missed out on the first (and probably the best) pre-order freebie for the Ace Attorney series, which was the pointing-finger stylus for Justice for All. I made sure I got my pre-order in for Trials and Tribulation in November and Apollo Justice this month.

For Phoenix Wright 3: Trials and Tribulations (got it through Gamestop), the pre-order bonus was a Phoenix Wright plushie keychain. Sounds cool at first, but it isn’t really. The plush is small, maybe a little more than three inches tall. And it’s like the cheapest three-inch plushie I’ve ever seen in my life.

Phoenix’s face has no dimension (and no nose). His awesomely spikey hair is cheapened into a piece of felt. His head position is like Lestat snapped his neck. His tie and badge are tiny, tiny pieces of felt. (I remember seeing early pictures of plushies missing their tie and/or badge. I guess I got lucky.) The worst offense though: his hand looks like a freaking cameltoe! Couldn’t they at least make one bump smaller than the other to at least hint towards a pointing finger? And of course, his other arm is just a nub as big as his finger.


I thought this plushie was pretty weak sauce, and I don’t see the point of the keychain loop. It’s on the small side to be a decent plushie, but its size makes it too big and awkward to be any sort of decent keychain. But free is free, and it’s still Phoenix Wright, regardless of how deformed he is. 5/10

I also pre-ordered Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney through Gamestop to get a keychain freebie. Still available through the Capcom store, the Apollo Justice pre-order bonus is a metal keychain that is a silhouette of Apollo Justice doing the signature Ace Attorney pose.

This freebie is much better in terms of keychain functionality. It’s made of metal, so it’s durable, though I suspect it gets dings easily as mine already has a couple. There aren’t any soft, moving, or particularly snap-off-able areas. The longest part is about two inches long, but it’s narrow and doesn’t take up much space. The silhouette actually looks like Apollo, so people aware of the series should be able to tell what it is immediately. Both sides of the keychain are the same: no details except the mouth. The side that matches the shape of Apollo on the cover of the game has the Capcom copyright imprinted; I think it would have been better to have on the other side.


It’s not the most interesting promo, but I think it serves its function and doesn’t have flaws that immediately stick out. 7/10

New thing I learned today: Apollo Justice’s name in Japanese is Odoroki Housuke. “Odoroki” means surprise, astonishment, or wonder.


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