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Free meals at Denny’s, crazy bitch waitress included

February 25, 2009 By: Judy Category: Food, Shopping, W&B

A couple weeks ago, Denny’s had a crazy promotion offering free Grand Slam breakfasts between 6AM and 2PM at (almost) all of its locations. I wasn’t originally going to partake in this, as it’s just a $6 breakfast, but Ted convinced me to tag along with him to closest Denny’s during lunch.

No surprise, the Denny’s in Campbell had a line going out the door. The wait turned out to be a little under half an hour, which was better than expected. I thought the two high school bimbos in front of us was letting 6 guys cut in line, but they were all sitting at the same table, so no heads rolled.

Once we were at the head of the line, we were seated fairly quickly by the nice guy-who-seats-people. Unfortunately, the wait for the waitress wasn’t as quick or pleasant. There seemed to be a backlog of customers waiting for their orders to be taken, including several unhappy customers at the bar. Ted and I waited patiently and without complaint, but we ended up being served by a terse waitress. When Ted requested just water for his beverage, she flat out denied him, stating a drink is required for getting the free breakfast. This didn’t seem right to us, but we let it go, as we just wanted our food in all the craziness.

Our suspicions were confirmed when another waitress popped over to our table, thinking we hadn’t had our orders taken. She asked if we got our beverages and asked, “Just water, right?” I knew that first waitress was screwing us. Maybe she was jipped too many tips that day, but that’s still evil of her. We let it go and kept our drink orders.

For the freebie Grand Slam, you couldn’t choose your 4 options; it had to be bacon, sausage, pancakes, and scrambled (no other way) eggs. It came out in decent time, so I’m guessing they probably had a Grand Slam assembly line in the back. We ate quickly and paid at the register. We each got a coupon book full of deals for the next two months from the nice manager guy.

The following Friday, Kelvin and his buddies decided to have dinner at the same Denny’s, and I tagged along so I could use these coupons I got. When I got there, I found out that our waitress was the same crazy bitch lady from earlier in the week! I thought, it’s okay, free Grand Slam Day is over, maybe she won’t have issues…

The coupon book I got sections off the different deals by meal. There’s a buy 1 get 1 free breakfast, buy 1 get 1 free lunch, and buy 1 get 1 free dinner. It doesn’t mention any restrictions on what you can buy, only hour restrictions. For example, the dinner coupon says it must be used between 7PM and 11PM. It says “dinner”, but people go to Denny’s to eat breakfast for dinner, right? I asked the waitress just to be sure. She told me I could only order things under the dinner menu. I was like, WTF? For real? As she walked away, I whispered to Kelvin “Our waitress is evil.” and “I’m pretty sure she just lied to my face.”

Just in case she was right, I hyped myself (and Kelvin) up for a dinner selection. When it was time to order, our evil waitress woman was replaced with a friendly waiter dude. Wanting to see if my suspicions were, once again, correct, I reiterated my question about the coupon to the waiter. His response with: “Well, the ‘dinner’ part just applies to the hours. You can order anything.” I KNEW IT! Despite this, I stuck with my dinner order, because I didn’t want to be anymore indecisive than I already was. I rambled to Kelvin and his friends all night about how that bitch lied to my face and that I’m pretty sure that she’s out to get me.

When we finished dinner, we had to go to the register to pay, and guess who was behind the register. It was none other than the stupid crazy bitch waitress. Good thing I followed her retarded made-up coupon rules so she wouldn’t hassle m-OH NO WAIT SHE IS STILL GAVE ME CRAP. She looked at our receipt and said “Do you have a lunch coupon? You need to use a lunch coupon for these items.”

Okay, first of all, it’s not lunchtime. It’s 9PM, and the lunch coupon says it must be used between 11AM to 4PM. Second of all, NONE OF THE ITEMS ON OUR BILL WAS A LUNCH ITEM. The first two items on the bill were Kelvin’s and my dinners. The next two items were breakfast platters that Geoff and Paul ordered. And the very last item on the bill, the one this dumbass waitress was saying was a lunch item, was the Slamburger that Vincent got. And you know what? The Slamburger is on their ALL NIGHT MENU! It’s not even on the regular daytime menu!

At this point, both me and Kelvin were practically shouting at her that we ordered dinners that are on the top of the bill. She’s like “Oh, haha!” and rings up our coupon FINALLY. This was like the first time I see this demon witch show any sign of positivity. She gives us our receipt, and with our receipt she also gives us, as an added bonus, ANOTHER coupon book. So we can come back again and get SCREWED by her REPEATEDLY.

Honestly, what the f*ck is wrong with this woman? I was never rude to her; I’m assuming she’s just evil to everybody. And why does she want to screw me out of her employer’s promotions? What does she get out of this? Does she think she’ll get more gratuity? Is she jealous of other people saving money? Is she illiterate and cannot read the coupons so she just makes sh*t up as she goes? I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

This Denny’s in Campbell I always thought was kind of ghetto. But to their credit, everybody else except for crazy bitch waitress has always been very friendly and nice, so I would recommend coming here for a late night meal. However, if you run into “Carmen”, make sure to bust out your torches.

New thing I learned today: A Denny’s slamburger is a burger topped with cheesy hash browns and eggs… covered with more cheese. Also, Denny’s came up with the late night menu options last May to promote Denny’s as a young, hip place to hang out after partying all night.


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